Mountain biking


2019 Season

All trails in all sectors are closed for the 2019 season.
See you in 2020 with two new tracks in the enduro sector!

As this exciting sport becomes more and more popular, we are working hard to create a 100% adrenaline track (daily fees mandatory). Don’t hesitate to contact us, for more information, and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see what we’ve been up to.

  •  No dogs allowed

Get ready to ride

Do you want to have an extraordinary outdoors sporting adventure? The Regional Park Devil’s Mountain proposes 20 km of mountain biking trails adapted to all levels and styles of enduro and cross-country in a natural setting!

Trail description


Name Difficulty Distance Style Description
Santa Monica Easy 0.5 km Rolling This starting trail will take you to several trail options.
Abbey Road Easy 0.9 km Rolling Takes you to the enduro and mountain section.
Lombard Intermediate 0.5 km Flow track The preferred trail for people of all ages, you’ll find lots of jumps and steep turns! Perfect to start or finish an outing.
Champs Elysées Intermediate 0.5 km Rolling Good choice when you come back from the enduro or mountain section to end your outing and take the Lombard.
St-Laurent Intermediate 0.4 km Rolling The team’s choice if you want to go to the enduro and mountain section.
Grande Allée ouest Easy 1.4 km Multipurpose trail The highway that gives you rapid access to enduro and mountain sections.
Mont Ventoux Intermediate 5.2 km Rolling A long scenic trail normally used to reach the start of the Ginza and Shelter Des Ruisseaux, appreciated for a long downhill.
Ginza Difficult 2.5 km Technic This «old school» trail will put you back in touch with rocks and roots, trailing a powerful stream jam-packed with thrills! An improved trail in 2017.
Madone Intermediate 2.0 km Technic The doyen, improved in 2017, this follows Ginza with a Cross-country style rhythm. The best route takes the Ginza to the Madone.
Bourbon Street Facile 0.6 km Rolling Access link to and from the enduro sector as well as to return from the Mountain sector
Camilien Houde Intermediate 1.9 km Rolling, technic Zigzagging, this trail will take you to 12e rue to get you to the enduro slope. (in 2018, 2 more downhills will be built) If you want a greater challenge, try going downhill!
Grand Allée est Easy 2.7 km All purpose trail Easy rider promenade
12e rue Difficult 0.6 km Technic downhill with jumps Downhill trail with “spicy” options. Enduro section!


Recommended equipment
  • Mandatory helmet
  • Snacks
  • Drinking water
  • Suitable clothing
  • Extra clothing
  • First aid kit
  • Bike tire repair kit
  • Head lamp
Rules and regulations
The trails are especially mapped out and maintained to let you experience the most beautiful sites of this protected area on Devil’s Mountain. It is therefore prohibited to go off trail so that in case of an eventual problem you will be quickly located. It is also prohibited to use a ski trail when on snowshoes or vice-versa.

The lifejacket for nautical activities must be worn at all times as well as the mountain biking and fat bike helmet.

The Regional Park Devil’s Mountain can assure a good outcome of your stay or activity, without however being held responsible for the unpredictable (bad weather, unforeseen logistical problems…) unforeseeable natural catastrophes or work related strikes etc. The Regional Park Devil’s Mountain will not be held responsible for unpaid reserved activities on the mountain.
Each participant must recognize that the practise of the activities and his or her aptitude for it, proposed by the Regional Park Devil’s Mountain could present certain risks that he or she must personally assume by his or her inscription or having paid an access fee. Therefore the participant agrees to renounce any reclamation against the Regional Park Devil’s Mountain, the directors, employees, agents or representatives in the case of incidents, accidents, death whatever the cause. This also applies to skidoo transportation. If an emergency evacuation because of injury, fatigue or after becoming lost is required, you will be charged accordingly (see all rates and pricing)

Despite all the careful planning of our activities, it’s possible that an event is comprised. We invite you to contact us in writing, no later than 10 days, by a registered letter with return receipt. In case of legal action, only the Québec courts are recognized as competent.

When a client accepts to transfer their photos to the image bank (photo gallery) of the Regional Park Devil’s Mountain at the end of their visit, he accepts that the Regional Park Devil’s Mountain can use these photos for commercial purposes without compensation.

Rules and environment
It is prohibited to start a fire or smoke in the forest, as well as outside or near the cabins, except at the prearranged places.
It is prohibited to pick or destroy any natural element as well as pet wild animals.

Trail Maps (French only)
Responsible Biking
Responsible Biking
This guide is for all mountain bike riders. We understand that there are some rules that are not applicable to all trails. Par contre, c’est à force de volonté et de sensibilisation que les conditions et les perceptions de la pratique du vélo de montagne s’améliorent. Les points énoncés ci-dessous se veulent des balises pour arriver à ce que la pratique du vélo de montagne se déroule de façon responsable par tous les usagers. Chaque usager sera sensibilisé aux impacts qu’il peut causer sur un sentier.

1. Prepare you outing
Know your equipment and don’t overestimate your capacities. Check the weather, and prepare accordingly. A well planned outing will keep you safe. Carry a repair kit in case of break downs.

2. Don’t bike on closed trails
Whether for environmental concerns or for biker protection safety, a trail will be closed for a good reason. Biking on closed tails give mountain bikers a negative reputation.

3. Don’t bike in mud
Make sure that the trail is safe. Biking on a spring or muddy trail, can damage or erode it creating expensive maintenance problems.

4. Respect the fauna and surroundings
Stay on the trail and bike responsibly. Ride, don’t slide. Don’t litter and don’t leave broken bike parts on the trail. Find a garbage bin for disposal.

5. Stay on the trail
Don’t take shortcuts in the forest.

6. Bike responsibly on crowded trails
On popular trails, don’t put yourself or other bikers in danger, by being a careful biker. Give way to beginner bikers, especially when the trail curves. Slow down.

7. Roulez avec prudence
Ralentissez lorsque vous arrivez à la hauteur d’autres utilisateurs du sentier et annoncez-leur poliment votre approche. Soyez prêts à toute éventualité et à vous arrêter s’il le faut.

8. Laissez de la place aux autres utilisateurs des sentiers
Les adeptes du vélo de montagne, les randonneurs et les cavaliers sont souvent appelés à utiliser les mêmes sentiers. N’oubliez pas que les cyclistes doivent céder le passage aux randonneurs et aux cavaliers, en respectant le principe de vulnérabilité. À leur rencontre, diminuez votre vitesse en conséquence. Eux aussi sont des défenseurs de l’endroit que vous fréquentez et recherchent une expérience positive.

9. Ne faites pas de travaux dans les sentiers
Assurez-vous d’avoir la permission des propriétaires ou des responsables de terrain avant toute action. L’aménagement non autorisé des sentiers peut entraîner des dommages à l’environnement, des blessures aux autres usagers ou même la fermeture d’un sentier. Si vous ressentez le besoin pour une nouvelle section de sentiers ou un obstacle, faites-en le commentaire au groupe responsable du développement ou de l’entretien, il y a probablement une raison derrière l’absence de sentier dans le secteur visé. Autrement, ils accueilleront avec plaisir votre proposition pour améliorer leurs sentiers!

10. Get involved
Don’t hesitate to contact the Regional Park Devil’s Mountain if you want to be part of our team of volunteers.

Source : Vélo Québec


 Adult  9,57 $
 18 yrs and –  Free
Taxes not included.
No-limit yearly membership
Individual  121,76 $
Family (2 adults same address)  191,35  $
Student 19 yrs and +  60,89 $
18 yrs and – Included family

Taxes not included.
Access for all hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, mountain, biking, fat biking and nautical activities.

Mountain bike year membership
 Individual  56,53 $
 Family (2 adults same address)  95,67 $
 Student 19 yrs and +  43,49 $
 18 yrs and –  Included family

Taxes not included.

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