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Sustainable development

Montagne du Diable Regional Park is taking several steps to move forward with a view to sustainable and eco-responsible development.

Here are some concrete actions that define our responsible journey :

Buying locally

95% of our subcontractors are of regional origin to encourage short distribution channels. Our purchasing policy prioritizes local purchases and products made within a radius of less than 700 km. For example, our canoes are made in Canada, as well as several sports equipment for rent at the Park. If we are unable to purchase equipment manufactured within a radius of 700 km, we make sure to encourage suppliers from Quebec and the region.

Our events are as green as possible 

95% of the food and beverages we offer at our events come from local businesses. From microbrewery beer to delicious mead, we showcase a selection of local products. At all times, we use reusable cups and encourage composting and recycling. If we have to use single-use items, we make sure they are compostable (utensils, plates, etc.). However, we prioritize reusable and non-disposable items.

Homegrown wood

85% of the wood used for our infrastructures (refuges, shelters, reception pavilions, footbridges) comes from local sawmills. The furniture inside our nature chalets was handcrafted on-site by our employees. This is also the case for our office furniture, which are locally made.

Local economy

We encourage our customers to buy from local businesses in the community. Our beautiful region has it all! Ask us and we will advise you so you can do your shopping near the park during your stay. This allows local businesses to benefit from your visit to the region.

We reduce our kilometers

85% of our staff live within a 30 km radius of the Park. We also give our employees the opportunity to sleep on-site when they have consecutive working days. This allows employees who so wish to reduce their trips and avoid unnecessary travel. We also encourage carpooling when possible.

We repair rather than replace

We repair 95% of our items on-site such as our mountain bikes, cross-country skis, synthetic skins, etc. If it’s fixable, we fix it rather than replace it. We make sure to always inspect our equipment to ensure the best possible maintenance and thus extend its life.

Responsible products

We use 90% bulk biodegradable products for housekeeping and cleaning. In addition, we prioritize sustainable wood species such as cedar and hemlock that are treated with water-based products. Finally, we avoid buying petroleum-derived products as much as possible (straws, bags, packaging, etc.).

Promote the Park

Our promotional clothing is purchased from a local business. We choose the Chlorophylle brand. This Canadian sportswear maker was born in Quebec in the 80s and produces clothes that are durable and perfect for practicing the sports offered at the Park. We also buy toques from the Falun company, located in St-Ferréol-les-Neiges in Quebec, which manufactures its products by hand.

Let’s give back

The “ Acadéski ” program provides cross-country skiing lessons for young and old at an affordable price. Access to the park and the rental of sports equipment are free for children 18 and under. We also welcome schools and day camps in the region to come and enjoy the Park’s equipment and facilities. We offer free activities for the population several times a year such as our open days in January and September. In addition, we encourage social integration by collaborating with Zone emploi of Antoine-Labelle on various projects.

Safe disposal

We have a recycling space for each of our buildings. In addition, our recycling bins are accompanied by posters to help our customers and staff recycle properly. We mainly use paper, cardboard, and toilet paper that are recycled and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We have a designated space for recycling propane and batteries on site. Finally, we ensure that our customers consciously recycle their waste during their stay. Numerous collection areas are available at strategic points on site. An awareness effort is also made by our team to our visitors.

Low Carbon Transition

Montagne du Diable Regional Park is part of the Low Carbon Transition project to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as part of a project led by Aventure Écotourisme Québec.
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