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Man’s Best Friend

In the Montagne du Diable Regional Park, dogs on leash are welcomed on all the hiking and snowshoeing trails, as well as the outdoor camping sites and nautical circuits as well as in some accommodations at an additional cost. This is the case for the nature cabins on site 2 in the Village des Bâtisseurs Sector (St-Pierre, Leblanc, Piché) and for the tiny house Havre des Houle and ready-to-camp #3 in the Windigo Lake and Fall Sector.

So it’s a great place to bring your dog! However certain rules do apply.

We know that your dog is an integral part of you family, so why not take him to the Park? After all, “don’t we all love our furry friends soooo much?”


  • Dogs are allowed in all hiking and snowshoeing trails (on leash). 
  • Make sure that your dog are respecting all park users.
  • Please clean up after your pet and dispose respecfully.
  • Adapt your hike to respect your dog capacity.
  • Don’t forget to bring some water!
  • Swimming allowed in designated areas.
Where are dogs allowed?

Dogs are allowed on all hiking and snowshoeing trails, outdoor campings and nautical circuits.

Also in some accommodations at an additional cost:
> In the Village des Bâtisseurs Sector:
Nature chalets site 2: Saint-Pierre, Leblanc, Piché

> In the Windigo Lake and Fall Sector:
Tiny house Havre des Houle
Ready-to-camp #3


Where are dogs not allowed?