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Observation tower

Parc régional Montagne du Diable Tour d'observation

Imagine the view from the top of this 21-meter tower located at a strategic point near the peak of Montagne du Diable. A few kilometers from the old fire watch tower, this tower is a historical reminder of a tower that once served to monitor the territory and detect the presence of fires.
Climb up and admire the immensity of the High-Laurentians beautiful landscape !

How to get there: (located a few meters from the Relais de la Montagne)

hiking or snowshoeing: 6.4 km (3a-3-2-1-5a)
Nordic skiing: 7.1 km (8a-8b-B-A)

ATV (snowmobile and quad):

Take a free ride up at our ski and snowshoeing festival

Ski and snowshoeing Festival