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Observation tower

Parc régional Montagne du Diable Tour d'observation

Imagine the view from the top of this 21-meter tower located at a strategic point near the peak of Montagne du Diable. A few kilometers from the old fire watch tower, this tower is a historical reminder of a tower that once served to monitor the territory and detect the presence of fires.
Climb up and admire the immensity of the High-Laurentians beautiful landscape !

How to get there: (located a few meters from the Relais de la Montagne)

hiking or snowshoeing: 6.4 km (3a-3-2-1-5a)
Nordic skiing: 7.1 km (8a-8b-B-A)

ATV (snowmobile and quad):

Take a free ride up at our ski and snowshoeing festival

Ski and snowshoeing Festival 2023

Coming soon

Soon, we will offer a shuttle service to reach the observation tower and Relais de la Montagne du Diable restaurant. 
Stay tuned on our social media for our official opening date for our shuttle service. 

Meanwhile, join us at our Ski and Snowshoeing festival on january 21st 2023 to enjoy a free ride up! This is the perfect occasion to enjoy the experience before the official launch of our shuttle.

2023 Ski and snowshoeing Festival