Ski hok

Ski hok is a combination of nordic skiing and snowshoeing. These skis allow you to float on the snow while their synthetic climbing skins make ascending the mountain easy. On ski hoks, you can ski on the Nordic outback or snowshoe trails. It’s your choice for having fun in the snow.
Have you decided to have fun on snowy mountain slopes? Come and tame 55 km of exclusive mountain trails reserved only for nordic skiing and an adrenaline rush. Practise your favorite sport on ungroomed designated trails through a frozen winter wonderland. On the programme: endurance and cardio through an amazing forest of frozen Norwegian lace! Why don’t you plan a vacation combining ski hok, nordic skiing, skate skiing and cross-country skiing (access fees mandatory) with an overnight stay in a mountain cabin or Village des Bâtisseurs’ cabin . Live a memorable wilderness experience!

  •  Dogs not allowed


 Adult  6,96 $
 18 yrs and –  Free
Taxes not included.
No-limit yearly membership
Individual  121,76 $
Family (2 adults same address)  191,35  $
Student 19 yrs and +  60,89 $
18 yrs and – Included family

Taxes not included.
Access for all hiking, snowshoeing, skiing, mountain biking, fat biking and nautical activities.

Yearly Ski Pass
 Individual  39,14 $
 Family (2 adults same address)  60,89 $
 Student 19 yrs and +  30,44 $
 18 yrs and – Included family

Taxes not included.

Rental equipment

On the road to adventure
Recommended equipment
  • Hok skis
  • Ski sticks
  • Snacks
  • Drinking water
  • Adequate clothing
  • Extra clothing
  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight or head lamp
Rules and regulations
The trails are especially mapped out and maintained to let you experience the most beautiful sites of this protected area on Devil’s Mountain. It is therefore prohibited to go off trail so that in case of an eventual problem you will be quickly located. It is also prohibited to use a ski trail when on snowshoes or vice-versa.

The lifejacket for nautical activities must be worn at all times as well as the mountain biking and fat bike helmet.

The Regional Park Devil’s Mountain can assure a good outcome of your stay or activity, without however being held responsible for the unpredictable (bad weather, unforeseen logistical problems…) unforeseeable natural catastrophes or work related strikes etc. The Regional Park Devil’s Mountain will not be held responsible for unpaid reserved activities on the mountain.
Each participant must recognize that the practise of the activities and his or her aptitude for it, proposed by the Regional Park Devil’s Mountain could present certain risks that he or she must personally assume by his or her inscription or having paid an access fee. Therefore the participant agrees to renounce any reclamation against the Regional Park Devil’s Mountain, the directors, employees, agents or representatives in the case of incidents, accidents, death whatever the cause. This also applies to skidoo transportation. If an emergency evacuation because of injury, fatigue or after becoming lost is required, you will be charged accordingly (see all rates and pricing)

Despite all the careful planning of our activities, it’s possible that an event is comprised. We invite you to contact us in writing, no later than 10 days, by a registered letter with return receipt. In case of legal action, only the Québec courts are recognized as competent.

When a client accepts to transfer their photos to the image bank (photo gallery) of the Regional Park Devil’s Mountain at the end of their visit, he accepts that the Regional Park Devil’s Mountain can use these photos for commercial purposes without compensation.

Rules and environment
It is prohibited to start a fire or smoke in the forest, as well as outside or near the cabins, except at the prearranged places.
It is prohibited to pick or destroy any natural element as well as pet wild animals.

Ski hok preparation
A hiker’s responsibility

Security, autonomy, prospering

  • Plans their hiking with respect to its length, difficulty and carried weight according to their physical capacity and endurance
  • Updates knowledge of weather, or unfavorable conditions (hunting, wild animals, trail conditions)
  • Carries a first aid kit, a trail map as well as provisions and adequate equipment needed for water purification, fire making and night shelter, as well as rain gear
  • Checks in at one of our offices /or gets an access pass; hiking alone, lets someone know of their plans and time of return and carries a cell phone
  • Respects the signage and regulations

The hiker’s consideration for others

Respect, sharing, kindness

  • Respect the right of others (humans and animals) for silence and privacy
  • Assist someone in difficulty to overcome obstacles and difficult sections (rapid streams, fallen timber, boulders)
  • Do not leave anyone behind alone
  • Offer help to anyone injured and ensure that they are looked after, even if it means changing your plans
  • Share water, food and blankets when necessary

The hiker and his environment

Protection, responsibility, legacy

  • Do not stray from the trail out of concern for protection of the flora (and one’s own safety); avoid walking on the moss and lichen if the trail crosses rocks
  • Do not pick plants, roots, or dead wood, rocks or feed the animals (rodents, birds)
  • Policy of leave no trace; for your personal needs where there are no sanitary installations, respect the distance from waterways and bury the evidence
  • Camp only where permitted
  • Avoid unnecessary fires, even where permitted and use a Coleman stove instead
  • Please notify the personnel of any broken installations (bridges, ropes and chains or signage) and places where garbage has been left, if you cannot pick it up yourself.

Source : Rando Québec

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