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Mountain Sector

Unplugged and Wild

As the years go by, these cabins have acquired a rustic elegance, while leaving hardly any environmental footprint.  Experiencing a night on the mountain ensures your total immersion in the wild. It’s also, and especially, an occasion to unplug and let yourself come in contact with the mountain’s tranquility. Life in the fast lane often doesn’t let us slow down and catch our breath. Oh, you might take a break on the week-end. But here on the Montagne du Diable, in your cabin, everything really does come to a standstill. Don’t wait until you just can’t take it any more to reserve a moment in nature. Decide to do it right away. And feel the immediate benefit! And a long term benefit as well! You’ll feel relaxed, rested and creative. Give it a try, just one time…


The mountain accommodations can sleep 4 to 10 people (depending on the cabin or hut) and can be shared with different individual hikers or groups.

These cabins are only accessible by hiking, nordic skiing, snowshoeing or hok skiing.

The decoration is minimalist, with picnic tables, rocking chairs and comfortable mattresses, which guarantees a 100% natural experience. A wood stove and fire wood sit in the middle of the cabin for those cold winter nights, as the cabins can be rented in any season.

And to make your experience even more authentic, there is no electricity or running water. If you choose baggage transportation, we will supply you with 20 litres of drinking water.

For the rest, it will be your high spirits and tales of adventure that will fill the hushed space of the cabin’s four walls. Welcome to your mountain cabin!

Camping on the Mountain

Lovers of outdoor camping, you are truly going to appreciate your experience in the Park! There are 4 rustic camping sites with wooden platforms to cover rough terrain. The result? A peaceful night spent listening only to the silent sounds of the forest. A perfect night. A prospector tent is also available for a different type of camping. Whether it’s warm or wintry, when you put your head outside in the morning you will be immersed in a natural heaven, beating to the sound of birdsongs that celebrate a new day. These mornings are some of the most beautiful on the planet.

Trail access fees for overnight guests

For all adults, whether staying overnight in the Village des Bâtisseurs or in a mountain cabin, a daily access fee for mountain activities is automatically charged (one night= daily fee)

Baggage transportation

You can opt for our baggage transportation service. Enjoy the montagne du Diable without having to carry your gear on your back. With this service, in addition to transporting drinking water, we’ll heat up the woodstove so that by the time you arrive at the cabin, you’ll have a warm welcome. Ascend, admire, contemplate, and leave everything else to us.