Village des Bâtisseurs

Welcome Centre Pavilion

The Léopold-Papineau Pavilion is a welcome centre, a communal kitchen, a washroom equipped with showers and lots more!

Rental equipment

Canoes, kayaks, paddles, surf boards, skis, hok skis, mountain bikes and more available for rent.

Nautical Activities

The lac de la Montagne (Mountain Lake) borders the Village des Bâtisseurs accessible for all aquatic activities from the lake’s dock.


Surrounding the pavilion are 8 wooden cabins, 6 of which can accommodate up to 10 guests, plus more 2 cabins on stilts.


With a view of the lake, the perfect place to gather around a fire
to enjoy precious moments.

Educational nature trail

A loop interspersed with descriptive signs which tell the story of the park’s history, fauna and flora.


5 camping sites
without service at the edge of the Lake of the Mountain for a change of scenery.

Begin your activity

It’s your access to all Park trails and all activities, as well as the connection to the network for baggage transportation.


70 available parking spots right next to the Welcome Pavilion and overnight cabins at the Village des Bâtisseurs.

The map


Trail access fees for overnight guests

For all adults, whether staying overnight in the Village des Bâtisseurs or in a mountain cabin, a daily access fee for mountain activities is automatically charged (one night= daily fee)

Beside the lake shore

A peaceful haven surrounded by a verdant luxuriant tapestry. The Léopold-Papineau Pavilion guarantees a cosy ambience of relaxing tranquillity.

Educational nature trail

The magic of knowledge