Rules and regulations

The Parc régional Montagne du Diable entry necessitates a paid entrance fee. Ensure your inscription at the welcome centre before venturing on the mountain trails. For all nature loving hikers, just a reminder of some simple rules to follow in order to reduce your environmental impact and have an enjoyable experience.

Basic principles

Parc-montagne-du-diable-arbre-reglementsThe wildlife around you is new or full bloom

Please stay on the trails.
Don’t take shortcuts.
Even in winter, walking off trails can damage the flora underneath the snow.

Parc-montagne-du-diable-arbre-reglementsNature isn’t a garbage can, but you already know that…

Please bring back any garbage or leftover food.
And nature’s angels thank you for picking up someone else’s garbage.
As well, please inform the Park of any garbage that you can’t bring back.

Parc-montagne-du-diable-arbre-reglementsYour presence is important, but not your footprint…

Nature is here to admire with eyes only.
Don’t pick plants.
Only observe animal life from a distance, never feed a wild animal, or touch it, it’s a question of survival for it.
Don’t move stones, plants or other wildlife.
Don’t build anything.
Forest fire risk is high. Only make fires in designated places. It is strictly forbidden to make an outdoor fire near the cabins.

Parc-montagne-du-diable-arbre-reglementsYour security is important to us

Did you make your inscription at the Welcome Pavilion? This inscription lets you pay your trail access fee as well as inform us of your presence on the mountain, in case you encounter any problems. Be sure to choose an activity according to your capabilities.
Use the necessary equipment to be safe.
In case of accidents, fatigue, getting lost or other complications, go to the emergency stations indicated on the map or call 911 or 1-819-587-3882.
Filter or treat (boil) the mountain water you may drink.
Lock your cabins when absent.
If you meet a black bear, which is highly unlikely, as the bear should leave the area as soon as he smells or hears you, make him aware of your presence by speaking loudly and clapping your hands. If he doesn’t move and ignores you, slowly walk backwards and wait till he leaves the trail. However if the bear advances toward you, throw stones or pieces of wood in his direction and continue walking backwards. Never run, as this could excite him. And above all, never play dead. Be vigilant as you are in the wild and this way you will avoid emergency evacuation costs.

Parc-montagne-du-diable-arbre-reglementsSharing in the forest

Our region is known for its courtesy and that applies to forest behaviour as well. Never hesitate to let other hikers by. Silence is one of the forest’s attributes, so learn from its teachings and try not to be noisy.

Parc-montagne-du-diable-arbre-reglementsDogs are man’s and nature’s best friend

Our four footed friends are welcome on the hiking and snowshoeing trails for a day’s outing only.
It is forbidden to take dogs on the ski or mountain bike trails.
Even though we love them, they are not allowed in the day shelters, cabins or camping areas.
Please ensure that your dog does not intrude on another hiker’s enjoyment.
Thank-you for picking up your dog’s excrement and disposing of it properly, while respecting nature and other hikers.