Baggage transportation

Don’t want to travel with your backpack? We take care of everything. The Park team transports your luggage to the shelter(s) where you are staying. To feel light and fully appreciate your hikes! A minimum fee of $ 64 + taxes is required.

To ensure a better
service :

• Your luggage must be deposited BEFORE 11am at the reception of the Pavilion Léopold Papineau. Exceeding this arrival time will result in a $ 30 fee. (The maximum time for luggage transport is 2 pm, no transport will be done after this time)
• After your night at the shelter, your luggage must be ready by 10am.
• During the first snow or during the thaw, this service is not available, we will inform you during your booking.

Baggage transportation Rates
Each bag / return trip per person 16 $
Bag transfer to another cabin 16 $
Additional bag per person 16 $

Taxes not included.

A 4 baggage minimum required

A minimum of 4 bags is required ($64.00 + taxes = $ 73.58).
Your bag should not exceed more than 40 lbs (approx. 20 kg).
Hockey bags or other oversized bags cannot be transported. Food coolers or other materials count as additional bags.

Please note that:

the cost of this service is per round trip * or for transfer to another shelter, per participant (minimum of 4 participants).
If you spend nights in different shelters, the following rates will apply:
– go to the first shelter: $ 16 + tax / person / luggage (max.40 pounds or 20 kg)
– transfer to the 2nd refuge: $ 16 + tax / person / luggage (max.40 pounds or 20 kg)
– transfer to the 3rd refuge: $ 16 + taxes / person / luggage (max.40 pounds or 20 kg)
And so on !
The return of luggage at the reception is included.

* Half-fare for incomplete service (one way or return only) will not apply.

Important notes:
Please note that we are not responsible for lost or damaged items during transport.
At certain times of the year, it is impossible for us to offer you this service (eg during the thaw, when the first snow falls or other), we will inform you at the time of booking.

Travel light

Transport is by quad or snowmobile, but there is no direct access to the shelter. For this reason, please respect some rules:

  • Your bag can not exceed the weight 40 pounds (about 20 kg). Exceeded this weight, the rate for additional luggage will be counted.
  • The size of your luggage must match a traditional backpack. Hockey bags or other bulky baggage will not be transported (simply because they do not fit in the sled or trailer!).
  • Everything that must be transported separately must be properly packaged in such a way as to reduce the number of containers as well as their volume and weight.
  • Liquid’s containers must be properly packaged. By following these few rules, the normal rate will be applied. In case of excess or excessively large baggage, our team reserves the right to evaluate the cost in relation to the number of baggage transports, regardless of the number of participants. Thank you for your understanding.

Free : 20 liters of drinking water

Mountain refuges have no water or electricity.
By booking the luggage transport service (minimum $ 64 + taxes), we provide you free of charge 20 liters of drinking water.