Since the beginning of time, the stunning wilderness of what is really (in honour of Sir Wilfrid Laurier (1841-1919, Prime Minister of Canada) causes admiration and mystery.
A certain Indigenous legend tells of a mountain haunted by the Windigo (Witikow), an Algonquin mythological monster, a devil possessed by an evil spirit.
People feared the Windigo and frightened their children with the myth to get them behave, from whence the name

comes: a translation of in white man’s language. Another legend relates that the Windigo is actually a good spirit who looks after and protects the mountain. The spirit will only threaten someone intent on destroying nature.

On the shores of lakes and rivers

The Montagne du Diable is the meeting place of the Lievre River on the south-east side and the Gatineau River (Baskatong reservoir) on the north-west side. It took the earth more than 4 billion years to create it. The mountain lives in perfect harmony with the elements, preserved by the rhythm of the seasons.

Safeguarding the mountain

In an effort to protect the mountain, a group of investors bought this public territory in 1994 with the intention of creating hiking trails. Thus began the adventure Recreational tourism in the Montagne du Diable’s forest.
In 2001, Friends of the Mountain (les Amis de la Montagne) took up the challenge and developed a tourist attraction respecting ecological principles. In collaboration with the village of Ferme-Neuve, Friends of the Mountain developed outstanding trails and built cabins for hiking enthusiasts.
The Paroi de l’Aube and summit trail finally opened in 2001.
The idea to create and manage a fragile ancient forest in the High Laurentians saw the light of day.

Birth of a Park

The Parc régional Montagne du Diable officially opened in September 2012. Christian Parent, the director-general and his team worked hard to bring this project to light. So it was a very happy and proud day that the inauguration took place on the 23 rd of November 2012, beside Lac Windigo….So, from now on, our children and for generations to come, will have the guarantee that this amazing wilderness will be forever protected. We will conserve the most beautiful part of it: its flora, its fauna, its diversity and its authenticity.

Village des Bâtisseurs

In December 2015, after several years of construction, the Village des Bâtisseurs, located at the foot of the mountain, was completed. Here you will find 8 cabins and a Welcome Centre. The Léopold-Papineau Pavilion offers several amenities such as washrooms with showers, a large conference room with a fireplace, a community kitchen, a laundry room and a waxing room. It’s now possible to enjoy numerous sporting activities (cross-country, skate, Nordic and hok skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, mountain and Fatbiking, canoe, kayaking, paddle boat and stand-up surfing) for days on end, exploring the mountain with family and friends. In 2016, an educational circuit developed in collaboration with the Hydro-Québec Foundation, Cobali and Table Forêt was created. In 2018, outdoor camping sites were developed near the Village des Bâtisseurs. In 2019 was built a circuit of Hebertism.