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Educational Circuit

Our educational circuit is made possible thanks to the collaboration of COBALI, Table Forêt Laurentides, the Hydro-Québec Foundation for the Environment, the MRC Antoine-Labelle and the Ministry of Culture and Communications.

Go discover and nourish your spirit …

  • The riparian strip, a natural filtration plant
  • The beaver, a creator of habitats
  • Wetlands, the kidneys of our planet
  • The importance of forest streams
  • Between two watersheds
  • The life of a lake and some of its inhabitants
  • These forest workers
  • A bit of history
  • Wood, rivers, engravers
  • The creation of Baskatong Reservoir
  • Identification of the region
  • Forest fire management
  • Wild flora associated with wetlands
  • The small forest flora
  • The otter, emblem of the Park, and his cousin
  • Our deers
  • Our canines
  • Some of our mammals
  • A few smelly mammals
  • The avian fauna of aquatic environments
  • These birds, well hidden in our forests
  • The importance of cavities
  • Forest management, a whole process
  • Remarkable forests in the Park
  • Other potential riches of the forest
  • The different forest stands of the Park
  • Wild pollinators