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Board of Directors



A team that works together


Roles of the Board of Directors :

– Ensure the good management of the corporation ; – Ensure the ethics of operations ; – Provide suggestions and comments.

The members of the Board of Directors :

Mrs. Diane Sirard (president) – Municipality of Ferme-Neuve
Mr. Yves Desjardins (vice-president) – City of Mont-Laurier
Mrs. Dominique Leblanc (secretary) – President of Les Amis de la Montagne
Mr. Sylvain Leduc (treasurer) – Municipality of Ferme-Neuve
Mr. Kaven St-Jean (administrator) –  Chambre de Commerce de Mont-Laurier (Board of Trade)
Mr. Jonathan Sabourin (administrator) – Tourist industry
Mr. Martin Gamache (administrator) – Motor sports
Mr. Pierre-Étienne Drolet (administrator) – User
Mrs. Marie-Hélène Parent (administrator) – Vice-president of Les Amis de la Montagne
Mr. Jocelyn Campeau (guest) – Director of Planning departement MRCAL
Mr. Frédéric Houle – (guest) Executive Director CDL Antoine-Labelle
Mrs. Isabelle Legault (executive director-guest member) – Montagne du Diable Regional Park