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Activities and Courses

During this edition of the Festival Santé (health and wellness festival), several activities are on the program. It is a perfect opportunity to admire the colours of the Montagne du Diable while taking on a sporting challenge. Whether in team or individual race, the Festival will introduce you to the beauties of nature.



Trail Races / Indiviual


Lake Loop Challenge (Défi tour du lac)

This incredibly well set up loop will allow you to tame trail racing. You will cross culverts of wood and will see the beauties of the forest.
Race around Lake de la Montagne : 4 km


Cliff Challenge (Défi de la Paroi)

The organizers wanted to give the most experienced of you the opportunity of climbing to the Paroi de l’Aube (summit of the Mountain).
A magnificent 10.5 kilometre course as you criss-cross the oldest boreal forest in Quebec!
Race to the Paroi de l’Aube: 10.5 km


Summit Challenge (Défi des Sommets)

Go even higher with this race designed for experts. A loop through the mountain to the peaks. Dizzying climbs and breathtaking descents!
Race to the peaks of the mountain: 20 km

Trail Races / Team


Bâtisseurs Challenge (Défi des Bâtisseurs)

This relay race will allow you to do an activity with friends or family and might even introduce you to racing. Each team must do the
1 km trail 10 times. Participation and attendance prizes will be awarded! Be original!

Running on trails: 10 x 1 km

Number of people per team: 10 maximum

The Hiking Paths

At your own pace.

It is also possible to choose
your own course without a guide
and therefore go at your own pace.

Other activities

Rabaska tours

An original way of sailing on Lake de la Montagne

Stroller hiking

Take out your strollers and move with MotivAction


Make the most of the outdoors!

Mini course of hebertism

Take on the challenge with your budding adventurers

Free nautical equipment rental

Be enchanted by the water activities

Surprise activities

Celebrate autumn with our surprise activities