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The Mountain’s Festival Santé (Health and Wellness Festival) – 2019 Edition

Saturday, September 21, 2019 – New partnership with the Polyvalente Saint-Joseph Foundation and the Sommet sports teams

The Montagne du Diable Regional Park and Les Amis de la Montagne are proud to team up with two regional organizations, the Polyvalente Saint-Joseph Foundation and the Sommet sports teams, for the Festival Santé (a festival promoting health and wellness)! This festival is the perfect opportunity to get moving while admiring the autumn colours, in addition to supporting three regional organizations. The profits raised at the event will be distributed to the three organizations to further their mission.

Missions of the organizations

As you may know, the Polyvalente Saint-Joseph Foundation’s mission is to promote the advancement and development of the school’s youth education, based on the following objectives:

  • Provide school supplies to children in need
  • Award scholarships, prizes or awards to deserving students

As for the Montagne du Diable Regional Park, the mission of the organization is to promote, conserve and develop, with sustainable development in mind, the territory and attractions of the park and to promote and develop safe outdoor activities of various levels of intensity, all that in consultation with stakeholders and companies in the region. In addition, the Park’s mandate is to promote and develop the practice of recreational tourism and cultural and physical activities among the local, regional, national and international population. Moreover, the Montagne du Diable Regional Park is already working with the Pierre-Neveu School Board so that the Park is accessible to all young people in the region.

Finally, the Sommet sports teams (volleyball, basketball, and football) wholeheartedly want to continue to encourage young people to move, to build relationships, to maintain a sense of belonging and to meet challenges through sports. Thus, the funds raised will allow the Sommet teams to participate in tournaments at lower cost.

Activities during this day

The Mountain’s Festival Santé will also give participants the chance to run on their own or as a team.

4 races:

  • Individual Races: Lake Loop Challenge – 4 km, Cliff Challenge – 10.5 km, Summit Challenge – 20 km
  • Team Race (maximum 10 people): Bâtisseurs Challenge – 10 km

Other activities:

  • Free hiking for beginners and experts, or for families
  • Rabaska tours
  • NEW! Free rental of canoe, kayak or paddle board
  • NEW! Hebertism mini-course, activities for children
  • Festivities
  • Stroller hiking and more!

The Mountain’s Festival Santé will appeal to both seasoned hikers and families, and you will experience a memorable outdoor experience in a festive atmosphere!

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