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In the land of Galilee

When one mentions astronomy, one thinks of eternity and of our infinite universe. On the Devil’s mountain, as darkness descends on the forest, the night becomes so luminous so that we can but lift our eyes to the starry firmament, as if a magnet pulls us upward. Due to its geographic location, the skies aren’t disturbed by artificial light pollution. Millions of stars shine blissfully in the Milky Way’s celestial archway. Others, motionless, are the planets that circle earth. Towards the infinite and beyond…The celestial sphere reveals a starry cluster of constellations.

Did you know?

The Big Dipper is a heavenly constellation which is easily recognized by its seven star «cooking pot» silhouette. And opposite the Little Dipper, is Cassiopeia…One of 88 constellations, visible in the Northern Hemisphere thanks to its «W» shape.

The Boreal Nights

Sometimes bright, sometimes dim, veteran stargazers will know how to choose the best times to observe the skies. Several clues, however, will put you on the path to witnessing this brilliant spectacle in the heavens: a warm temperature, a clear night and an invisible moon. Here on Devil’s Mountain, lovers of astronomy will find the best location to star gaze.