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The Regional Park Devil’s Mountain is home to a remarkable forest with three levels of vegetation.

Sugar maple to yellow birch in the valley

The yellow birch is Québec’s official tree with an average height of 28 metres and an average diameter of 70 centimetres. A mature birch tree can be identified by its creamy bronze coloured bark that shreds into thin ribbon strips. On the mountain this tree can live up to 300 years old!

At the 500 metre mark white birch and evergreens

White birch, a major component of a mixed forest, requires lots of light in order to flourish. The white bark or «mâchecoui» was used by the indigenous peoples to build canoes, baskets, and wigwam shelters.

On the summit the Boreal forest

The term «Boreal forest» gets its name from «Boréas» the Greek god of the north winds. The Devil’s mountain four summits are often home to Boréas, who gently rocks the elders of this ancient forest. If you want to find out more, please visit our educational circuit!