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Park challenge

2024 Edition

Winter challenge

Looking for a personal challenge? Do you want to spend an outdoor weekend alone or with your family bubble? Sign up for the Park Challenge!

> Alone, or with family and friend or colleagues
> From February 16 to 18, 2024
> 3 days to cover 50 km or 100 km
> Disciplines (your choice and can be combined): snowshoeing – classic cross-country skiing – skating – Nordic skiing – hok skiing
> Registration cost: $50 for 50km or $100 for 100km

Choose 50 km or 100 km, alone or in a team.


The ultimate goal here is not sporting achievement or competition. The goal is to progress, alone or in a family bubble, 50km or 100km in the discipline of your choice, either classic cross-country skiing, skating, Nordic, hok or snowshoeing. It is even possible to combine activities. Participants have 1 to 3 days to complete their challenge!

The pandemic has led us to redo a virtual edition. We have therefore expanded the possibilities:

For example :

A family that would have chosen the 100km challenge and would be made up of 4 people could do 25 km/pers. of snowshoeing on day one for a total of 100km.
This same family could also opt for 12.5 km of snowshoeing on day 1 and 12.5 km of skiing on day 2 to total 100 km.

Registration fees

$100 for 100 km or $50 for 50 km

Moving in an enchanting environment will allow you to help support a Park project.


Défi du Parc 2025 / Park Chalenge 2025

  • Membres de l'équipe

  • En connaissance de cause et à mes risques, je m’inscris au « Défi du Parc» édition 2025. Par la présente, je dégage les organisateurs, les bénévoles et les partenaires de l’événement de toute responsabilité à mon égard. Je déclare avoir les capacités physiques pour accomplir cet exploit. J’autorise tout personnel médical à intervenir selon ses compétences, si nécessaire. Je reconnais que les frais d’inscription ne sont pas remboursables ni transférables. Veuillez prendre note que les inscriptions prennent fin le 20 février 2025 à 10 heures.
    Being duly informed of this activity and personal risk, I’m registering for « Park Challenge» 2025 edition. I agree to release the organisers, the volunteers and the event partners of any liability for accident or injury and take full responsibility for my participation. I declare that I possess the physical capacities to participate in this event. I authorise all medical personnel to intervene according to their capability, if necessary. I understand that the registration fees are not reimbursable or transferable. Please note that registration ends on February 20, 2025 at 10 am.
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