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Come and discover the mountain’s waterfalls. From the Windigo Falls to the Walker Falls, pure fresh water endlessly cascades, delighting all.

Windigo Falls

On the trail to Windigo Falls, you’ll hear its refreshing sound before you see it. 18 metres across and 55 metres high, it’s an amazing sight. Surging over a sheet of rock which has been gently eroded for centuries, the waters of Lake Windigo rush downwards toward the Baskatong reservoir. But what is the origin of the name Windigo? Discover the Windigo legends that tell us how the mountain, its forest, its streams and wildlife have survived the hands of time!

Walker Falls

It is the wear and tear of time that has made this part of the Devil Mountain Regional Park a must. You follow path 4 and on your right the river flows peacefully. At the turn of the road, chaos seems to have settled thousands of years ago to make the terrain rough. From this chaos were born the Walker Falls. A harmony between stone and water offers you the opportunity to walk on the rock, through the white water. It is also an ideal place to rest or to picnic to the rhythm of the sound of the water. Relaxation assured!

Mini Windigo Falls

Mother Nature has surprised us with a mini Windigo Falls! This tiny wonder can be found by following the Ruisseaux trail. Not as impressive as its « twin sister» falls, it’s still very much worth visiting and a marvellous place to cool off in summer and listen to a melodious garrulous water cascade.