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The Diable Summit – alt. 783 m

After climbing for several hours, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven when you reach the top of the mountain. Perched at an altitude of 783 metres, this summit offers an outstanding view of the Baskatong reservoir, truly an inland sea in the heart of a forest. From here you’ll witness shining blue waters and spectacular Baskatong sunsets. If you take the Ruisseaux trail (3) to get here, the music of the cascading streams flowing down to Lake Walker will keep you company. If you arrive by taking the Summit trail (1) or the Versants Est-Ouest trail (5), you will travel through a leafy boreal forest. Noisy squirrels fighting over pine cones will accompany you up to the top, where tired, but euphoric, you’ll find the refuge Ouest, a log cabin of Scandinavian style construction.

Garde-Feu Summit – alt. 756 m

It was in 1889 that the Resident Fire Guardians (Garde-Feu) first appeared. The men were chosen from the local population to prevent and battle forest fires. At an altitude of 756 metres, the Garde-Feu Summit is the second highest summit on Devil’s Mountain. From the foot of the mountain, hiking up the # 1 and # 2 trails will challenge even the fittest. Rope guidelines help you scale up rocky terrain. As you climb higher through this Boreal forest, you’ll finally reach the spot where, formerly, a forest guardian was stationed to watch over the trees. And this hike is really worth it, as you behold the Lièvre River as it winds its way south to Ottawa. And located just a few hundred metres away, the Abri de l’Aube (Shelter at Dawn) is a cosy day cabin, welcoming all!

The Belzébuth Summit – alt. 740 m

On the mountain, the devil Belzébuth will only alarm those hikers who destroy nature’s beauty. The name might be frightening, but rest assured, he won’t harm anyone! The surprise that awaits you is beyond all expectation. Located on the Summit trail, also called the Crêtes trail (1), you’ll be wordless contemplating this dazzling vision. At an altitude of 740 metres, as soon as you arrive, a silence envelops you and reveals an amazing spectacle: a view of the High-Laurentians region, so wild and so beautiful. And just a few steps away stands the Refuge Sud (South Cabin), a log cabin which can sleep up to 10 people. Spend the night and wake up to an enchanting paradise…

The Paroi de l’Aube – alt. 740 m (Shelter at Dawn)

Every morning, the dawn patiently waits for the sun to rise. Silently, and ray by sunny ray, the hillside warms up and inundates the mountain in a golden light. The Paroi de l’Aube is 740 metres in altitude. To get there take the # 2 trail which rises through rich vegetation and rocky landscape. Once on the top, if it’s a clear day, you’ll be able to see the Devil Mountain’s sister, Mont-Tremblant. The Paroi de l’Aube is a log cabin where you can relax and rest, before continuing your hike. In winter, sitting by the wood stove you can appreciate the warmth and share your impressions. Do you feel like sleeping? Two double beds are ready and waiting.